Solar Power Plant EPC

Aydem Energy has been supplying EPC services with the Parla brand in the solar power plant installation since 2014. It shares its energy experience with its customers in order to make use of the solar energy system in a most efficient and technological way. Our company which built roof and land of 45 MW power to this day will continue to invest in this area.

Why Solar Energy

  • Incentives and grant facilities are provided to solar energy, especially for government and development agencies.
  • Many financial institutions, such as Turseff and foreign funds, offer suitable credit facilities for solar energy. Appropriate credit terms such as low interest, long term, non-grace period and easy terms.
  • It is a risk-free investment. The state offers a 10-year subsidized purchase guarantee. When electricity requirement in Turkey is considered, there will be no problem in sales.

Why Parla

  • Quality product
  • Warranty
  • Experienced team
  • Quick installation
  • Cheap cost
  • Appropriate payment terms
  • Quick responds to failures

EPC Scope

  • Projecting (electricity, static etc. projects)
  • Obtaining and following legal permits (such as opinion on connection point, technical evaluation, provisional acceptance procedures)
  • Land: Land might be provided on request
  • Installation: Site installation is done on turn-key basis
  • Technical support within 24 hours in case of failure