Aydem Renewable Energy is a company with many firsts in its field. In this context, while retaining its leadership structure in the photovoltaic systems, it also aims to break new grounds in Turkey. The organization gives importance to R & D and innovation with its innovative and original thought structure and carries out its activities in this direction.

Our R & D group, which has extensive knowledge on all steps of the photovoltaic value chain, focuses especially on FV solar cells and solar modules.

Ongoing projects supported by Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

1. Development of National Solar Energy Plant (MILGES) Project

Supported under TUBITAK Public Institutions Research and Development Support Program (1007), the aim of our project is to establish required infrastructure and a 10 MW Solar Power Plant (GES) as a pilot implementation in order to make Turkey the country that can produce photovoltaic (PV) -based solar power plant  and export the energy to the world.

With investments to be made in Denizli by Aydem Energy under the project, for the first time in Turkey, domestic solar cells will be produced and inverters and monitoring systems that will be used in the project will be developed by TUBITAK MAM. Within the scope of the project, GÜNAM gives scientific support to Aydem Energy in the development of solar cells. Aydem Energy and Tübitak MAM will use these cells and modules that will be produced locally by Aydem Energy at the 10 MW solar energy power plants to be established in Şanlıurfa-Ceylanpınar TİGEM

2. Producing Solar Modules from Cut Bifacial Cells and Development of Test Unit for Bifacial Modules

The project is supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK-1501 Industrial R & D Projects Support Program. The purpose of the project is to reduce the ribbon resistances and the cost by cutting the cells into two or three while increasing the module power. In addition, a solar simulator test unit for bifacial modules will be developed so that target standardization of albedo calculations for bifacial modules can be achieved.