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Why Solar Energy

Both the environmental conditions and depletion of sources such as oil, natural gas, coal, etc., have made the renewable energy sources very important for the countries and states. Countries and international financial institutions have adopted policies that support production facilities based on clean energy sources and have created funds for many grants and incentives. Among the clean energy sources, especially solar energy has become the most remarkable technology in recent years. In the past decade, rapidly developing technology has reduced the price of solar panels, which overcome the prejudice of “expensive” and it has become feasible. The fact that it is not dependent on financial effects like oil and natural gas makes solar energy more reliable for investment. For these reasons, solar energy technology has taken precedence over many other methods of energy production and increased the investment in technology. Solar technology has become financially feasible, which is very important for Turkey. Because solar energy is the energy source of which is Turkey’s largest potential. Comparing to the European and other countries, the annual sunshine period of our country is very high and it is also suitable in terms of land and weather conditions. Thus, it is foreseen that Turkey will be one of the top 5 countries to develop in solar energy.

Annual sunlight in Turkey (hours)
Average annual total radiation intensity (kWh/m²)
Annual electricity generated from the sun in Turkey ~ (GWh)

Our Activities

We bring together quality and investors in the field of solar energy

Solar Plant EPC

Aydem Energy, under Parla brand, has shared its energy experience with its customers since 2014 in order to make use of solar energy widespread in the most productive and technological ways.

Solar Panels

Founded by German technology with TÜV Rheinland line and product qualification, Parla is the largest panel manufacturing plant in Turkey with the capacity of 600,000 units (150 MW)


Our R & D group, which has extensive knowledge on all the stages of the photovoltaic value chain, mainly focuses on research and development activities on FV solar cells and solar modules

Solar Cell Investment

The need for sustainable energy source

Approximately 75% of Turkey’s total energy demand is supplied through imports while only 25% of it is generated from local sources. According to estimates by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources based on studies, Turkey’s electricity need will reach 416 TWh in 2023.

Therefore, the development of new technologies for the use of domestic resources is strategically important. Moreover, many environmental problems such as climate change and global warming, which the world faces today, are caused by the use of fossil fuel. It is believed that sustainable and renewable energy technologies like solar energy will play an important role in the future of Turkey. With this vision, Aydem Energy aims to produce the first solar cell of Turkey.

The main purpose of manufacturing solar cell in Turkey is to nationalize the knowledge and experience in solar energy and ensure the integration of such with the domestic industry. This will enable the emergence of national technologies.

With this understanding, it is planned to develop and produce high efficiency solar cells, panels and bring them into the national industry. High efficiency solar cells produced will be used in the Parla panel production plant of Aydem Energy group with annual production capacity of 150MW/year, which has been producing since 2014.


Product Characteristics

Cell Technology Multicrystalline
Wafer Slicing Technology Diamond Wire Sawing
Surface Texturing Technology Black Silicon Technology
Dimensions 156.75×156.75 mm
Cell Thickness 180/200 ± 20 µm

Front Surface (-)

No. of Busbars 4
Busbar Material Silver
Anti Reflection Coating Silicon nitride

Black Surface (+)

No. of Soldering Pads 4
Soldering Pad Material Silver, Aluminium
Back Surface Field (BSF) Aluminium