Human Resources Policy

Having received its energy from all its employees, Aydem Energy continues its workforce planning and management of existing human resources in the direction of equity principle in line with its corporate goals and values ​​for the purpose of existence. Human Resource Management, which aims to fulfill its role for sustainable success in the best way and to bring employee goals and corporate goals together in a common pavilion, acts with a guiding role in all organizational processes.

While conducting the recruitment process based on objective criteria, it works systematically to discover potential talents that fit the corporate culture and values, believing in the power of the team spirit. Performance, evaluation, rewarding and career planning functions are coordinated to increase the level of knowledge-skills and commitment while providing all the training support needed to contribute to individual development and career goals of employees. Human Resources continues its “One Team” mentality, which is based on the procedures and regulations that determine its entire functioning.

Recruitment Processes

The recruitment process is aimed primarily at individuals who can reflect positive energy to work, who believe in team spirit, who are happy with the work they do, and who aim to add value to their business with innovative understanding.

  • Job announcements will be published in career portals once labor need is identitied.
  • Candidates are subject to written tests after their CVs are evaluated according to the qualifications required. (General Ability Test, Foreign Language Test, Personality Inventory).
  • Candidates who are successful in the tests are invited to the interview program.
  • A reference survey is conducted for candidates deemed appropriate at the Evaluation Center by the HR Interview Commission, where relevant department managers are included.
  • As a result of all stages, a summary evaluation is made by the Commission and the proposed candidate is offered the job.
  • Results related to the process are shared with the other applicants in the process.

Training and Development System

In line with our Human Resources policy, all of our employees are involved in orientation and planning of training programs throughout the year.

It is aimed to provide new knowledge and skills to our employees by means of realizing effective and efficient training activities and thus to increase general productivity and motivation.

Our trainings are organized under 6 main headings.

  • Managerial and Leadership Development
  • Personal Development
  • Quality Management System
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Functional Education
  • Corporate Development

In addition to the training plans determined every year under these main headings, the training requests from our employees are also evaluated and supported. Our trainings are provided by internal trainers within the company or by professional training institutions through service procurement.

Performance and Career Management

Aydem Energy employees are feeling the support of our company from the first day they joined the company while working towards their career goals. The critical success factors we are based on play an important role in the creation of individual personal development plans and in the operation of the appointment mechanism equally for each employee.

The joint execution of performance assessment and career planning aims to bring together the roadmaps of the individuals and the company’s objectives in an efficient manner with the implementation of the feedback process.

As Aydem Energy, we believe that all our employees should expand their perspectives and generate value-creating values and all stages of the performance system should be meticulously implemented through proactive approach. Each year, development and innovation studies are carried out regularly in order to make the system work as measurable, supportive, planned and fair, development and innovation studies are carried out regularly every year.