About Us

Aydem Energy built its first hydroelectric power plant on Aydem Creek in 1995 to produce electricity from domestic and renewable sources. Located in central Denizli, the company produces electricity by utilizing geothermal, hydroelectric, thermal, solar, wind and landfill gas sources. Aydem Energy prepares its own feasibility reports with its experienced personnel and makes the design, construction, installation and operation of power plants itself.

Up to now, it has installed the plant with a total of 750 MW of power from renewable energy sources and operated 1000 MW clean energy power plant together with the power plants that are taken over.

The combined power of the Yatağan and Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plants, which joined Aydem Energy in 2014, reached a capacity of 2,100 MW.


The solar panel production plant was established in 2014 in order to benefit from solar energy, which is the most important potential for renewable energy in Turkey and to develop solar energy Technologies; and the first solar panel production was carried out under the PARLA brand in May 2015. The TÜV Rheinland Quality Certificate is available for the facilities and panels that are listed.

PARLA solar panels are produced at the facility, located in the province of Denizli with 33.000m2 of an area,including 16.000m2 closed area based on advanced German technology and with a total production capacity of 150 MW in three separate lines. Produced panels find themselves the fields of application in roof and land types both at Aydem Energy’s own solar power plants and at the different plants of our customers.

Aydem Energy believes that the most important renewable energy source in meeting the energy demand in the future is the solar energy, and it attaches great importance to Research and Development (ARGE) activities and projects so that Turkey can become a country that does not import solar energy from abroad but also produces it. It has participated in many projects on the international and national scale within the framework of these studies.

Starting to produce its own solar panels with PARLA brand in 2015, Aydem Energy provides turnkey GES installation (EPC) services to its customers; shares its experience with its customers in order to make installation of solar power plants and to realize this in the most efficient way with the most suitable technologies.

Parla will continue to work and invest in this area.

Our Corporate Values

  • We provide loyalty by adding value to the happiness of our customers as our energy source.
  • We are creative employees who have a sense of belonging, who are humble and who care about teamwork to push the boundaries.
  • We have a clear, fair and consistent management approach that gives importance to the happiness and potential of the employees.
  • We make use of advanced technology in accordance with OSH norms with our efficient and effective working principle and we shed light on our future generations with our energy that depends on global values.
  • We act with environmental awareness in social responsibility projects that respect different cultures and sustainable life.

Environmental Policy

To carry out its activities in accordance with the national and international regulations on the environment. To ensure that employees and suppliers are competent, trained and equipped to work in an environmentally sensitive way. To gain basic understanding of protecting our natural wealth and to take necessary precautions to predict, minimize or eliminate environmental impacts of potential hazards that may result from construction, production and other business activities.